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Your Ultimate Period Aid. We are here to make your period easier than ever. The best value market price menstrual cup. Cha-ching.

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Best Part About It

#12-Hours Wear for 12 hours at a time. Yes, even while sleeping. #Toxin-free Naturally hypoallergenic. Chemical and toxin free. #Cha-ching Save hundreds of dollars annually. #Stay-active Swim, bike, hike, run. No problem. #Waste-less Lasts up to ten years. Waste less. #Just-comfort No pads. No strings.

Superior Shape

Flexible cup-shaped device that you wear inside your vagina while you're on your period. Designed for easy insertion. Universal fit for all women.

Got your cup? What's next?

Disinfect your cup with OurLadies UV Sterilizer. Kills 99.5% Bacteria. UV protection designed for the OurLadies menstrual cups.

Visualize the UV in Dark

A portable USB charger to light the Ultra-Violet ray. Destroy the bacteris in a compact & convenient way.

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OurLadies UV Light Sterilizer

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Package includes: 1X UV Sterilizer, 1X USB charging cable, 1X storage bag for carry, and 1X instruction manual